TNA No Surrender Results – February 23, 2024

TNA Wrestling presents No Surrender live from the Alario Center in New Orleans. Moose put his TNA World Championship on the line against Alex Shelly. Also, the TNA Knockouts Championship is on the line as the current champion, Jordynne Grace, goes one-on-one with Gisele Shaw. Plus, TNA World Tag Team Championships are on the line in the last match in the Best of 3 Series with the current champions ABC vs. Grizzled Young Veterans and so much more! Continue below for the complete results!

Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan

Ring Announcer: Jade Chung


Mike Bailey & Trent Seven vs. The Rascalz

RESULTS: The Rascalz defeats Mike Bailey & Trent Seven via submission with a Knee Bar. During the match Steve Maclin hits Mike Bailey with a chop block which helped the Rascalz get the victory!

Frankie Kazarian backstage promo:

He says, he’ll be watching tonight’s TNA World Title match closely. His match with Eric Young tonight will determine the next person to get a title shot in two weeks at Sacrifice.

Kevin Knight & KUSHIDA vs. Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers 

RESULTS: Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers defeats Kevin Knight & Kushida via pinfall after a combination of Roster Cut from Myers followed by Edwards hitting the Boston Knee Party.

Main Show:

TNA World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Eric Young vs. Frankie Kazarian

RESULTS: Eric Young defeats Frankie Kazarian via pinfall with a Crucifix pin after Frankie hit the ref in the face. After the match, Kazarian starts talking to the referee about the finish. He then just to pulls him back in and hits a cutter then proceeds to kick the ref, kicking him out of the ring. Kazarian goes to leave before continuing to kick the referee. Frankie brings the referee back inside and continues to attack until more referees and security come out to get in between them as Kazarian finally leaves.

Backstage with Gia Miller and the Grizzled Young Veterans:

They talk about coming to TNA for the tag team titles and they won’t stop conquering. GYV says this not being pretty for ABC and their time is up.

Westside Gunn was in the crowd! He says he is a huge fan of TNA wrestling.

Match 3 of the Best of 3 Series TNA World Championship: ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (c) vs. Grizzled Young Vets (James Drake & Zack Gibson)

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS ABC! ABC defeats Grizzled Young Vetrans via pinfall after ABC hits a Art of Finesse & The Fold combo on James Drake.


Steve Maclin & The Rascalz are happy at how they took out Speedball. Maclin says Nic Nemeth will never be seen in TNA again. Mike Bailey & Trent Seven try to get in their faces, but officials are there to keep them apart.

Kon vs. PCO

RESULTS: Kon attacks PCO before the match started! PCO defeats Kon via disqualification after Kon grabs a chair from under the ring and attacks PCO.

After the match, Kon continues the beating with the chair, before delivering a neck snap to PCO. The timekeeper continues ringing the bell, just for Kon to go and attack him as well. PCO pops up and fights Kon to the outside, where he hits him with a running cannonball. He chases Kon up the ramp while continuing with chair shots. Kon eventually comes back with a low blow and a back body drop to PCO on the top of the stage. Kon zip-ties PCO to the stage, wraps a chair around his neck, and delivers another neck snap.

Backstage with the Motor City Machine Guns, KUSHIDA, and Kevin Knight:

Alex Shelley says it sucks that they lost tonight, but he still needs them tonight in his corner for their match. Chris Sabin asks if Shelley is sure he doesn’t need him in his corner, and Shelley tells him it’s okay and that Sabin should go get ready for his match. Shelley & Sabin have KUSHIDA & Knight both promise to not throw in the towel tonight.

TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: Decay (Rosemary & Havok) (c) vs. MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly)

RESULTS: AND NEW TNA KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS MK ULTRA! MK Ultra defeats Decay via pinfall with a Snow Plow on Rosemary! After the match, MK Ultra continues the beat down. Out comes Jody Threat & Dani Luna for the save.

Backstage with the System:

Moose says under no circumstances do they throw in the towel tonight, as they say they will not need to. He continues saying he’s going to enjoy the opportunity to beat Alex Shelley and show the world that you trust The System.

Simon Gotch vs. Josh Alexander

RESULTS: Josh Alexander defeats Simon Gotch via pinfall with a C4 Spike!


Rich Swann was watching the Simon Gotch and Josh Alexander match when, AJ Francis interrupts him. He says it must be hard for Swann to watch a former champion like Josh Alexander win, while he is losing matches to The Good Hands. Swann asks Francis what his problem is? Francis says just because they are opponents this coming Thursday on iMPACT, they don’t have to be enemies.

TNA World Championship No Surrender Rules Match: Moose (c) (w/ Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards) vs. Alex Shelley (w/ KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight)


  • The match can only end with the towel being thrown in by one of their corner men.
  • There is no disqualification in the match unless a corner man interferes. It will cost their wrestler the match via forfeit and in Moose’s case the title as well.

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA WORLD CHAMPION MOOSE! Moose retains after Kevin Knight threw in the towel for Kushida!


Before the match, George Iceman enters the ring and brings out the special guest to watch this match, Ash by Elegance who will be ‘sitting VIP’ ringside.

RESULTS: AND STILL KNOCKOUTS WORLD CHAMPION JORDYNNE GRACE! Jordynne Grace defeats Gisele Shaw via pinfall with the Juggernaut Driver! After the match, Ash by Elegance is disgusted by this result and storms off with Iceman.


Jake Something says he will be watching close to tonight’s main event and 2024 will be the year he takes the X-Division Championship.

X-DIVISION Championship Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Chris Sabin (c)

TNA announces that this is the first time that X-Division Championship headlines a TNA PPV, in a singles match.

RESULTS: During the match, the Good Hands tried to get involved but Chris Sabin fought them off! AND NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION MUSTAFA ALI! Mustafa Ali defeats Chris Sabin via pinfall with a 450 Splash!