TNA Impact Results – June 20, 2024

TNA is back from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, IL.

Tonight’s show will feature the fallout from Against All Odds last Saturday. Plus, what will Joe Hendry have to say after his quick appearance on NXT? Continue below for the results!

Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

Ring Announcer: Jade Chung

The System (Moose, Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, & Dirty Dango) in-ring promo:

Dirty Dango announces he will now be known as Johnny “Dango” Curtis! Dango says he was tired of sitting at home for months. Moose tells him he’s not officially in the group yet. He also mentions not losing a singles match in over a year.

Santino Marella comes out and announces that Moose will defend his title at Slammiversary in a 6-way elimination match. There will be qualifiers over the next few weeks on the road to Slammiversary to determine his challengers.

ABC backstage promo:

They talked about their match at Against All Odds and their win. ABC think it’s time to regain the titles. They would have another big match next week on the road to the titles.

Frankie promo as he was leaving NXT:

He complained about Joe Hendry stealing his thunder in the number 1 contenders Battle Royal at NXT! Kazarian tells Joe he’s just an upstart!

The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) vs. Spitfire (Dani Luna & Jody Threat)

RESULTS: Spitfire defeats The Hex via pinfall when Dani and Jody hit a double-team Burning Hammer/Alabama Slam combination on Marti Belle.


The first Road to Slammiversary match will be Josh Alexander taking on Eric Young and that will be tonight’s main event!

Alan Angels presents Sound Check with special guest KUSHIDA:

Angels says there is no one in TNA he’d rather be asking questions to. Before he does that, they play a recap of what’s been going on between him and Jonathan Gresham. Angels asks KUSHIDA to explain what he just saw. KUSHIDA says Gresham is making everyone sick, and he’s trying to figure out the cure.

Angels accuses him of trying to sell a fake cure which leads to KUSHIDA getting in his face and challenging him to a match on Impact next week.

Chicago Street Fight – Ace Steel vs. Frankie Kazarian

RESULTS: Frankie Kazarian defeats Ace Steel via pinfall with a Fade to Black on a steel chair.

After the match, Kazarian continues to attack putting him in the chicken wing until Joe Hendry makes the save.


Mustafa Ali is with Campaign Singh who demands they put together a team to figure out who leaked that video with the horrible audio last week at Against All Odds. Ali says he will deliver a State of the Union address to the people next week on TNA Impact.

In-ring segment:

Steph pulled out a chair for PCO.  PCO pulled out a chair put held it up. He was persuaded to put it down and she sat down. PCO lit candles that were on the table as romantic music played.

Fans chanted “How romantic.” Steph said it was nice to go out with a normal guy for once after dating weirdos. She offered the mic to PCO, but he just growled. De Lander asked what he likes to do outside of wrestling and there was more grunting. He pulled out a glass and drank a black liquid. We can only hope it’s not Jonathan Gresham’s black ink.

Steph drank some and said it was too strong. A waiter poured a drink for them and they toasted. The plate was revealed, which appeared to be worms. PCO said it was a Stephanie special. Steph took a photo “for the ‘gram.” She asked for his IG address. He ate a handful of the worms. She showed him how a fork works and was about to feed him worms, when they were interrupted by First Class.

AJ Francis called them “Love at First Fright.” Francis complained about PCO diving on him at Against All Odds. PCO stood up. AJ said he was there to give them a toast and took a drink. He threw the drink in PCO’s eyes.

Steph got in his face and AJ pushed her to the mat. AJ slammed PCO. Rich Swann tied PCO to the corner and stomped him. Steph slapped the hat off of AJ. AJ choke slammed Steph through the table as fans booed. Francis taunted PCO and said they would do it again and again. AJ and Swann celebrated and left.

Heather Reckless vs. Ash by Elegance

The Concierge entered the ring and introduced Ash.

RESULTS: Ash by Elegance defeats Heather Reckless via pinfall with Rarified Air.

After the match, Ash continued attacking Heather. She tried to hit Heather with the Juggernaut Driver which brought out Jordynne Grace. Grace beat down Ash and went to hit her with the Juggernaut Driver until Ash’s Personal Concierge hit her from behind.

Jordynne backed the Concierge into the corner, which allowed Ash to recover and take out Grace before posing with the Knockouts Championship.


Jordynne Grace said that Ash had been a minor annoyance but now she was much more than that. She said she was going to Santino to ask for a match.

Ryan Nemeth vs.  Johnny “Dango” Curtis

RESULTS: Johnny “Dango” Curtis defeats Ryan Nemeth via pinfall with Down and Dirty.

After the match, Curtis, Edwards, and Myers attacked Nemeth. Nic hits the ring to make the save for his brother.

Slammiversary Qualifier match – Eric Young vs. Josh Alexander

RESULTS: Josh Alexander defeats Eric Young via pinfall with the C4 Spike.

During the show, Tom Hannifan announces that Against All Odds this weekend had the highest TNA+ subscription than Hard to Kill, No Surrender and Under Siege!

Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan announced the following for next week:

Xia Brookside vs. Masha Slamovich

*ABC vs. The Rascalz vs. Cody Deaner & Jake Something

*Sami Callihan vs. Steve Maclin

*Rich Swann vs. Nic Nemeth

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