TNA Impact Results – June 27, 2024

TNA is back with another week of wrestling from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, IL.

Tonight, on TNA Impact Gia Miller interviews TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace. Plus, ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) and Jake Something & Deaner. We will also see Nic Nemeth vs. Rich Swann and much more!

There is so much to look forward to on Impact tonight. Continue below for the complete results.

Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

Ring Announcer: Jade Chung

Gia Miller interviews TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace in the ring:

Jordynne Grace says Ash by Elegance has been watching her for months and has been desperately trying to get her attention. Grace is giving Ash a title shot, and she’s giving it to her tonight.

Out comes the personal concierge who introduces Ash by Elegance who is surrounded by security.

The concierge says that Grace didn’t read the fine print, and it’s not taking place tonight; it’s taking place at Slammiversary. Ash by Elegance will be taking time off in the Bahamas since until the show since the contract has already been signed.

Ash sends her security to the ring to attack Jordynne Grace, but she puts boots to asses! Out comes Santino Marella to try and calm Grace down so they can get on with the show.

Xia Brookside vs. Masha Slamovich (w/ Alisha Edwards)

During the match, Alisha Edwards got involved to distract Xia!

RESULTS: Masha Slamovich defeats Xia Brookside via pinfall with Snowplow!

Backstage with Fir$t Cla$$ (Digital Media Champion A.J Francis & Rich Swann:

They celebrated with DJ Whoo Kid who delivered them an International Heavyweight Wrestling championship belt. AJ Francis claimed to have bought from Gino Brito. He went through the lineage of the title, which included Lou Thesz and Dino Bravo. AJ declared himself the new International Heavyweight Wrestling title. They all decided to go celebrate.


Lars Frederiksen told Jody Threat and Dani Luna that now was the time to double down. He announced that they would be facing each other.

Mustafa Ali (w/ Campaign Singh) in-ring promo:

Campaign Singh brought out Mustafa Ali for his State of the Union address. Ali comes to the ring and the fans chanted his name, since they were in his hometown of Chicago. He talked about a video that appeared at Against All Odds that attempted to smear his good name.

Ali said that Singh’s investigation showed that the video was fake and created by AI. He said Chicago was number one in a lot of things, even though a lot of those things were crime related.

Ali said it was time for a new challenger. Fans chanted for “Speedball” Mike Bailey. Ali said that Bailey couldn’t hang with him. He turned against the fans and demanded that security take some of them out.

A fan threw a drink on Ali, and he pulled him over the barrier and attacked him. Ali threw him in the ring and continued punching him. Security tried to pull Ali off. Bailey ran out for the save. Mustafa and Bailey brawled until security broke them up. Ali broke loose and attacked Bailey on the ramp. Bailey then held up the X Division title belt.

Ali returned to the ring and said he was sick of the fans chanting Bailey’s name. He said Bailey ruined his homecoming, so he’s ruining Bailey’s. He did what no champion does and challenged Bailey to a title match at Slammiversary.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match – The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) vs. Jake Something & Deaner vs. ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

RESULTS: ABC defeats The Rascalz and Jake Something & Deaner via pinfall with a The Fold!

Backstage with The System:

They talked about always coming out on top and being dominant. Moose said there might be one guy that could be a threat to his title. He also mentions not being pinned for two years. Then he sent Dango after him. They all said to trust The System.

Qualifying Match for Slammiversary 6-Way World Title Match – Sami Callihan vs. Steve Maclin

RESULTS: Steve Maclin defeats Sami Callihan via pinfall with KIA! He joins Moose and Josh Alexander in the match World Title match at Slammiversary!

Alan Angels vs. KUSHIDA

RESULTS: KUSHIDA defeats Alan Angels via submission with the Hoverboard Lock! After the match, Jonathan Gresham attacks KUSHIDA. Gresham tried to put the ink in KUSHIDA’s mouth but was stopped by security before he could.

Backstage with The Hardys and Reby Hardy:

Matt Hardy announces that he and Reby will take on Eddie and Alisha Edwards in Philadelphia. Jeff Hardy says the Hardyz will compete in the land of Extreme but doesn’t name their opponents.

Qualifying Match for Slammiversary 6-Way World Title Match – Rich Swann w/ Aj Francis & Dj Whoo Kid vs. Nic Nemeth

During the match, Swann takes a sip out of Gin & Juice while Aj distracts Nic Nemeth. Aj continued to interfere until the referee bans Francis and Whoo Kid from ringside!

RESULTS: Nic Nemeth defeats Rich Swann via pinfall with Danger Zone. He joins Moose and Steve Maclin in the match World Title match at Slammiversary!

Next week on TNA is Frankie Kazarian vs. Mike Santana and Jake Something vs. Joe Hendry. Plus, Dani Luna vs. Jody Threat, The Hardys & Reby vs. The System and much more!

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