TNA Impact Results – March 28, 2024

TNA Impact is pre-taped from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA. We will see an 8-4-1 match featuring Havok & Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards & Jody Threat vs. Dani Luna & Xia Brookside & Ash by Elegance & Rosemary. Plus, Chris Sabin vs. Steve Maclin and Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Bailey. We will also hear from Rich Swann, AJ Francis and Josh Alexander. Continue below for the results.

Commentators: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Ring announcer: Jade Chung

8-4-1 Match: Havok, Masha Slamovich, Jody Threat & Alisha Edwards vs. Rosemary, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna & Ash By Elegance

Rules of the match:

The match starts as an 8-person tag, then the winning team faces each other in a four-way match to determine the winner. The winner of this match became the #1 contender for the Knockouts Title.

 Before the match, Ash by Elegance’s assistant brought her to the ring. She had an ice pack on her jaw and her head was wrapped. The assistant said she was injured by Xia Brookside and couldn’t wrestle. Her replacement in the match was Steph DeLander.

RESULTS: AND THE NEW KNOCKOUTS NUMBER 1 CONTENDER STEPH DELANDER! Steph DeLander pins Rosemary after Matt Cardona ran in and gave Rosemary the Radio Silence. During the match, Steph threw Xia to the outside and she ran into Ash, who was at ringside. The referee threw Ash out from ringside after she ran Xia into the ring post.

“Exclusive” digital footage:

Steve Maclin argued with The Rascalz in the parking lot. Maclin walked off and ran into Sabin, which set up their match for tonight.

Chris Sabin sits down with Alex Shelley and Kushida:

Sabin doesn’t like the dissention between them. Shelley believes Sabin was looking out for himself and perhaps he should start doing the same thing. Then he walks away.

Backstage with Ace Austin and Chris Bey:

Ace wants to focus on the tag titles. He tells Bey he doesn’t think Bey should’ve been in the X-Division scramble last week. Bey says they can chase multiple titles, but Ace wants them to stay focused. Bey says he’ll find Kazarian and settle their business.

The Grizzled Young Vets in ring promo:

They blame Deaner for their loss last week. Then Deaner comes out telling them to shut up. He says that Santino Marella told him he could have a match against one of them. Deaner said he would let the fans choose which one. The Vets talks trash to the fans. Funny enough, the picked both.

THE GRIZZLED YOUNG VETS (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs. Deaner

RESULTS: The Grizzled Young Vets defeats Deaner via pinfall with Grit Your Teeth from James Drake!

Gia Miller interviewed Nic Nemeth:

He claims Moose was playing head games with him last week. Alex Shelley interrupts him and says that Nemeth could beat The System; he knows, because he did it. He said he would still be champion if Kushida hadn’t thrown in the towel. Nemeth said he would give Shelley a title shot after he won the title. Shelley said they shouldn’t wait and should wrestle before. Nemeth agrees.

Josh Alexander in-ring promo:

He says Philadelphia is home to some of the bloodiest battles. Josh says that Santino let him have an open challenge tonight. He calls out Hammerstone to accept. Instead, out comes “Hot Sauce” Tracey Williams. Fans cheered. Hot Sauce took the mic and calls himself one of the best wrestlers in the world. He says he’s been looking for an opportunity in TNA and since Hammerstone wasn’t coming out, he would take the match. Alexander agreed.

Tracy Williams vs. Josh Alexander

RESULTS: Josh Alexander defeats Tracy Williams via pinfall with a C-4 Spike! After the match, they shook hands then Hammerstone attacks both men from behind. Hammerstone takes out Alexander then put Alexander’s headgear on Williams and put him in the Human Torture Rack.


TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali presents his PWI Cover to Santino. Ali doesn’t believe Jake Something is qualified for a title shot because he wants there to be limits. Rhino walks up behind Ali as he’s trash talking. Rhino requests an Old School Rules match next week and Santino is going to make it happen.

Mike Bailey W/Trent Seven vs. Eddie Edwards w/Alisha Edwards & Brian Myers

RESULTS: Eddie Edwards defeats Mike Bailey via pinfall with a Boston Knee Party!

PCO promo:

He screams, “MONSTERS BALL”!

Vignette of the FBI returning NEXT WEEK!

Frankie Kazarian backstage promo:

He talks about facing Eric Young at Rebellion. Frankie vows to beat Eric for the betterment of the company. Chris Bey then interrupts and says if Frankie is the King of TNA, then he wants the throne. Frankie agrees to a match.

In-ring promo with Aj Francis and Rich Swann:

They show a replay of Rich Swann turning on Joe Hendry and aligning himself with Aj Francis two weeks ago!

AJ says they are called First Class. He trash talks the fans. Swann talks about being a former World Champion, but he was in a slump. He says that AJ wants to take him back to the top. Swann noted that they are both from Baltimore. Rich says he initially declined and wanted to do it the right way, but Joe Hendry stole his big win by making a blind tag.

He said Hendry tried to steal his spotlight and when he went to the back, it wasn’t Joe Hendry that checked on him, but it was AJ Francis. Swann says he used to have the persistence that AJ had. He says he won the title when there was no one in the building, so he doesn’t need the fans. AJ said they smell like money and if you aren’t first class, you’re last.

Tom Hannifan sits down with Laredo Kid:

Loredo Kid talks about his history and wrestling in AAA as highlights were shown. Hannifan says that Kid was hospitalized with an injury after a match with Vikingo. Kid talks about how he came back and wanted to prove himself.

He talks about missing a title shot against Crazzy Steve due to travel issues. Laredo says he wanted another opportunity to make his fans and family proud. Before ending his interview, he says he was coming after Crazzy Steve and his title.

Steve Maclin vs. Chris Sabin

RESULTS: Steve Maclin defeats Chris Sabin via pinfall with a KIA!

Next week on TNA Impact Xia vs. Ash and Nemeth vs. Shelley and much more!