TNA Xplosion Results – May 21, 2024

TNA Xplosion Results – May 21, 2024

Steve Gibki vs. Kushida

Steve Gibki & Kushida start sizing each other up then they lock up and Gibki tosses Kushida to the ground before they battle for position before standing back up.

Gibki cuts Kushida off with a kick to the stomach then sends him off the ropes and tries a tackle but Kushida stands strong and tells him to run off the ropes.

Kushida drops down then goes for a hiptoss which Gibki blocks.

Kushida turns it around and hits a headscissors.

Kushida comes off the top rope & stomping on Gibki’s elbow before Gibki hits Jersey Turnpike and toys with Kushida.

Gibki starts raking Kushida’s eyes and lands a solid punch to the jaw.

Kushida throws kicks at Gibki but Gibki takes Kushida down with stomps.

Kushida manages to hit a back elbow and jumps off the ropes but Gibki catches him in a Bear Hug. Kushida tries to fight back but Gibki’s strength is too much.

Kushida finds himself in the corner as Gibki runs at him but Kushida moves and Gibki crashes into the post.

Kushida hits a crossbody and lands a flurry of shots followed by a springboard back elbow.

Gibki is out on the floor as Kushida lands a DDT and sends Gibki back into the ring.

He launches himself into a Hoverboard Lock but Gibki reverses and gets Kushida on his shoulders.

Kushida spins it around and locks in the Hoverboard Lock & Gibki taps out

Winner By Submission: Kushida

Thursday’s Impact

X Division Title #1 Contenders Match
Mike Bailey vs. Trent Seven

Non Title Match
TNA World Tag Team Champions The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) vs. Ryan Nemeth & Matt Hardy

Knockouts Title Match
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Marti Belle