Tony Khan Received Advice From Wrestling Reporter About Handling AEW Battle Of The Belts Situation

As previously reported, the TNT feed cut out in the middle of Toni Storm’s match against Taya Valkyrie for the women’s title during AEW Battle of the Belts VII due to a thunderstorm.

Dave Meltzer of revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that he advised AEW President Tony Khan on how to handle the situation.

He said, “I sent a message to Tony Khan, because remember when they came back, they didn’t tell people the finish. I think they thought people knew the finish. They came back, and they were doing this match, and they went to the next thing. And I said, ‘You’ve got to tell the people who won that match, because we don’t know, and if you get chance, you should put the finish on’, which they did end up putting the finish on right at the end of the show.”