Top Takeaways And Results From PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 163: Twisted Metal

PROGRESS Wrestling put on an epic show this past Sunday February 25, at the Electric Ballroom, Camden, with 2 massive title changes part of a 9 match card that had fans on their feet throughout. The show was also streamed live for the very first time on Demand Progress Plus

PWMania’s Lee Tarrier (@leeseedub) was on hand and gives his top takeaways from a memorable event.



Yes, Kid Lykos has done it. He has ended Spike Trivet’s reign over 500+ days, doing so in a fantastic steel cage match which was bloody, full of run ins and crazy drama. Trivet must have thought with Bullit and Smokin’ Aces by his side, he had no chance of losing. However, a number of the PROGRESS roster, who had been screwed by Trivet in the past, came out to even the odds and ensure Lykos could finish Trivet off himself in the cage. When he did so, beautiful chaos ensued as fans rushed to the ring and then to embrace the new champ as he left the cage. The match was cinema. Brilliant and worth searching for on Demand Progress Plus.



In an impromptu turn of events, the team of Charles Crowley and Alexxis Falcon (aka Cheekly Little Buggers) became the new PROGRESS Wrestling Tag Team Champions after Smokin’ Aces had cheated to beat Sanity and accepted a match against the CLB immediately afterwards. Crowley and Falcon had defeated Gene Munny and Danny Black earlier in the show and look like a fantastic pairing.

Although they can make a crowd laugh, they also make them appreciate amazing tag team wrestling. We look forward to see where the team take the gold down the line.



Nina Samuels ruined two good matches, getting involved in both the Women’s Championship match between Rhio and Emersyn Jayne and the 2 out of 3 falls grudge match between Lizzy Evo and Kanji. Both matches were technically sound and brutal, with Samuels having no reason to be around them. It seems Nina clearly wants to be back on top and I wouldn’t put it past her becoming champion in the near future.



Man Like Dereiss defeated Yoichi in a fantastic, hard-hitting match where pure strength was on show from both competitors. The audience respected both and were well into the match throughout, giving standing ovation to both wrestlers at the end. However, it was Dereiss that got the W, making a statement about how he wants to rise to the very top of the roster throughout 2024. We said last year that he would be Men’s champion in the next year, we stand by it.

Full results from Chapter 163: Twisted Metal were:

Dark Match
Jack Bandicoot vs. Taishi Ozawa
Tag Team Match
Cheeky Little Buggers (Alexxis Falcon & Charles Crowley) defeat Danny Black & Gene Munny (10:01)
Singles Match
Man Like DeReiss defeats YOICHI (13:47)
PROGRESS Women’s Title Match
Rhio (c) defeats Emersyn Jayne by DQ (10:07)
PROGRESS Tag Team Title Match
Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling & Nick Riley) (c) defeat SAnitY (Axel Tischer & Big Damo) (12:41)
PROGRESS Tag Team Title Match
Cheeky Little Buggers (Alexxis Falcon & Charles Crowley) defeat Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling & Nick Riley) (c) (2:28) – TITLE CHANGE !!!
Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
Lizzy Evo defeats Kanji [2:1] (14:51)
– Lizzy Evo defeats Kanji (1:33)
– Kanji defeatsLizzy Evo (10:19)
– Lizzy Evo defeats Kanji
Singles Match
Simon Miller defeats Rob Drake (w/Lana Austin) (7:01)
Singles Match
Kid Lykos II defeats Bullit (9:41)
PROGRESS World Title Steel Cage Match
Kid Lykos (w/Kid Lykos II) defeats Spike Trivet (w/Charlie Sterling & Nick Riley) (c) (33:24) – TITLE CHANGE !!!
Pictures: PROGRESS Wrestling