Triller/FITE TV Reportedly Not Paid Promoters For Previously Streamed Events

(Image Credit: FITE)

Isaac Rodriguez, the promoter for Violence x Suffering, took to his official Twitter (X) and revealed that Triller/FITE TV has not paid him for events that were streamed on the platform months ago.

Rodriguez wrote, “It’s been MONTHS since our last show & the promotions who make your platform thrive are still waiting on payments. We’re constantly given runaround after runaround w/ zero support team & they dont realize some people depend on iPPV revenue to continue. This is not okay, @FiteTV. And it’s not just VxS. I’ve confirmed w/ multiple promoters about not receiving any form of payout since January. This is why companies are moving away to build their own platforms. I feel insulted as a long time creator, user, & hope all creators are eventually taken cared of.”

The last Violence x Suffering event streamed on Triller/FITE TV on February 23rd.

You can check out Rodriguez’s posts below.