Trinity Claims She Was Done With Wrestling When She Walked Out On WWE

(Photo Credit: Trinity)

When Trinity walked out of WWE during her days as Naomi, she was done with pro wrestling.

In her mind, it was over.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the IMPACT Knockouts Champion reflected on her walk out of WWE and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how she feels in IMPACT following her very public departure in WWE: “This is only the beginning. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity Impact is giving me to prove myself. I’m changing the narrative and rewriting my own story.”

On her Knockouts title win being monumental to the sport of wrestling because it was about overcoming challenges: “This is so much bigger than pro wrestling. It’s about life and overcoming challenges. I chose to keep pushing forward. It feels really good to come out on the other side.”

On how she nearly stepped away from pro wrestling for good, but the support of the fans kept her in the business: “The support, it’s everything. That’s what made me continue. The negativity on social media got to me, and I felt so broken down mentally that I didn’t want to come back to wrestling, but the fans constantly brought me positivity. Their care gave me that confidence and belief in myself. That’s who I’m rocking with: them.”

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