Triple H Comments On Cody Rhodes Smashing His Throne In Early AEW Days

(Photo Credit: WWE)

What did Paul “Triple H” Levesque think of Cody Rhodes’ throne-smashing gesture in his early AEW days?

The WWE Chief Content Officer recently appeared on Allan & Carly for an interview, during which he was asked about it and finally gave his thoughts.

“I laughed about it then,” he said. “People make that stuff out to be so much more than it is. If I was in his shoes, I would have done the same thing. That’s one of the things I love about Cody. I’ve watched Cody go from being a kid in this business, I don’t mean that as disrespectful. Literally, a kid. His dad [Dusty Rhodes] was someone who mentored me. We started NXT together. He was a big part of that system. I learned a lot from Dusty and sitting under his learning tree. We had a wonderful partnership.”

He continued, “To see him grow from literally this kid to coming in and trying to find his way in the business, to coming out of his dad’s shadow, which was monumental, and then gambling on himself to go find himself and find who he was. It wasn’t about where he went. It was about the journey. It was about him going and finding himself and proving to himself that he could stand outside of his father’s shadow and it wasn’t this machine trying to make him his dad’s kid or anything else. It was finding himself, and he did that, to the point where he was undeniable. I’ve seen that a few times over the years. Drew McIntyre is another guy. Went somewhere, gambled on himself. We talked about it when he was leaving, ‘Go find yourself. When you find yourself, I’ll be watching. When I see you’ve found yourself, we’ll talk, and you’ll come home.”

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