Veteran Wrestling Personality Calls Darby Allin “A Complete Idiot” Following AEW Revolution

As seen at the 2024 AEW Revolution PPV event, Sting and Darby Allin defeated The Young Bucks in Sting’s retirement match.

While reviewing Revolution, veteran wrestling personality Jim Cornette said the following about Allin:

“Here’s why I am finished with Darby Allin. Unlike most of these guys that AEW has jerked off the indies, he’s got some talent and some charisma. He has an appeal. As we have mentioned before years ago before we found out that it wasn’t gonna take place, if you produced him and you brought him along he could be a dynamic underdog babyface that sells and blah, blah, blah. But they have made it so preposterous that nothing can stop him and the littlest guy can just come back from everything.

Then, we have gotten to know that as a person, as a human being, Darby Allin is the biggest f*cking moron that has ever stepped foot on this earth and drawn a breath. He’s a goddamn mental case and he ought to be put away somewhere for his own safety and those of others. He is not producable because he is a complete idiot. Even if you tell him don’t do this sh*t, you make the business look like sh*t, you make it phoney as f*ck and you’re gonna kill yourself and we are gonna lose our investment in you because you ain’t gonna be worth a sh*t, all those many reasons.

He just wants to do this sh*t because he doesn’t care whether he hurts himself or not, which is the classic textbook definition of a f*cking moron! So I cannot continue to support a guy that has some talent and some charisma that refuses to use it and refuses to set any example and refuses to do this the right way. Now, after he has done this, he’s gonna come back and finish the match by the way. Then he got sewed up and he’s put out on the internet that this shouldn’t interfere with him leaving next month, he’s going to go climb Mount Everest. I hope you do climb Mount Everest you brainless tw*t.

Stay as far away from me as possible so I don’t have to keep telling you what a f*cking idiot you are and what a golden opportunity that you are wasting because some f*cking mark billionaire will pay you guaranteed money to go out there and jack off like a f*cking moron, like you’re goddamn Danny Knoxville or whatever the Jackass guy’s name is. He just wants to get hit in the nuts over and over. F*ck you and your f*cking nuts Darby. It’s worse to waste talent and opportunity when you have it than not to ever have it to begin with.”

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