CM Punk On Seth Rollins: “He Cannot Talk About His Career Without Mentioning Me”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

CM Punk was interviewed by The Jackie Redmond Show for the NHL’s YouTube channel. During the interview, he was asked hockey questions and briefly discussed WWE, including Seth Rollins. Rollins has been vocal about not wanting CM Punk back in WWE, and now their real-life tension is being incorporated into a storyline that appears to be heading toward a match at WrestleMania 40.

When asked why Rollins hates him, Punk responded as follows:

“Because I have been everywhere he has been and he hasn’t been everywhere I’ve been. So, we’re probably too similar. That’s honestly the biggest thing that I can think of is we’re very similar. The difference is I can talk about my career and not have to mention him. He cannot talk about his career without mentioning me. I understand where he’s coming from. I understand. I think he’s always felt like he’s the little brother. I’ve never tried to treat him that way. I’ve always treated him like a peer but some people you just can’t reach.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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