Video: Cora Jade Gets Choked Up Reuniting With CM Punk At NXT Deadline

“The Resident Mean Girl” and “The Best in the World” crossed paths backstage at the Total Mortgage Arena in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday night.

Following her return at the NXT Deadline 2023 premium live event, Cora Jade was being interviewed backstage by Kelly Kincaid when CM Punk approached her.

Jade met Punk many years ago and began crying upon seeing her childhood hero.

When reuniting backstage at the final WWE NXT PLE of the year this weekend, Punk popped in on Jade’s interview to tell her that he’s proud of her and that his wife, AJ Lee, is also proud of her as well.

Check out CM Punk and Cora Jade’s backstage interaction from NXT Deadline 2023 and their past photo referenced above via the tweets and videos embedded below.