Video: Mansoor Reveals Royal Rumble Idea He Pitched That WWE Turned Down

Mansoor has had his share of ideas for his pro wrestling career.

During a recent interview with Jeremy Lambert and Joel Pearl on “In The Weeds,” the former WWE Superstar reflected on a pitch he made to WWE for an entertaining spot he wanted to do in the annual Royal Rumble match.

The idea would see he and Mace of Maximum Male Models be surprise entrants doing a Rumble Runway gimmick.

“Could you imagine? [Buzzer sound] ‘I’m fresh to death.’ COULD IT BE?!?! IT IS! HE’S HERE! IT’S MANSOOR,” he said. “I walk to the ring, I go my cat walk, I get to the ring, I stop, I turn around, I walk all the way to the back. [Buzzer sound] ‘I’m fresh to death.’ IT’S MACE! We both walk out, we pitched that sh*t.”

He continued, “Then we slide in the ring and we get eliminated. How the f*ck did they not do that? They’re allergic to money. How did we not have a Rumble spot where my music hits, I walk to the ring, I walk back, Mace’s music hits, we walk to the ring, we walk back, we had new clothes. How did we not do a runway spot in the Rumble? Are you kidding me? The Rumble Runway. If this was 1998, we’d do that spot. It’s not entertaining anymore.”

Check out the complete interview via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.