Video: Rey Mysterio Sends Message To Santos Escobar Ahead Of In-Ring Return

Rey Mysterio is ready for his in-ring return.

After returning on this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown for his first advertised appearance since going down with an injury months ago, the WWE Hall of Fame legend was announced for his first match back on next week’s SmackDown.

Ahead of his showdown against friend turned bitter rival Santos Escobar, the masked WWE legend spoke in a post-show SmackDown digital exclusive to comment on the scheduled bout and how Legado Del Fantasma has a bully gang mentality.

“That’s what they do,” Mysterio said of Legado Del Fantasma’s fondness for multiple-person attacks. “They like to jump people when they’re alone and behind their backs.”

He continued, “Santos, for so many months, kept bragging and bragging. ‘You and me, together, we are family.‘ I’ll never forget that, and my knee will never forget that either. Next week, there’s gonna be a lot of payback.”

Check out the complete post-SmackDown digital exclusive interview with Rey Mysterio via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.