Wardlow Publicly Calls Out MJF

At the Double or Nothing PPV event in 2024, MJF made his comeback to AEW after a five-month break. AEW released a new “lone wolf” t-shirt for MJF.

Wardlow, MJF’s former AEW ally and rival, made the following comments on Twitter/X:

“He wants to be a 6’3 270lb monster athlete so bad. Now stealing my whole identity? Call yourself the ‘lone wolf’ all you want. you’re still just a pussy that I squashed like nothing. Almost feel bad for the little boy, but the disrespect has gone too far for too long.”

Wardlow defeated MJF decisively at the 2022 Double or Nothing PPV event. It is unclear when a MJF vs. Wardlow rematch will take place, as MJF has begun a feud with Rush.