WWE NXT Spring Breakin Night 1 Review – April 23, 2024

WWE NXT Spring Breakin Night 1 Review – April 23, 2024

Kicking off Night 1 of Spring Breakin with Ava, Nick Aldis, and Adam Pierce chatting in a room that had the words Draft on the door. Nick Aldis was there via video call. They all hyped up the Draft. Ava noted that while people are looking forward to people moving up to Raw & Smackdown but they are also looking forward to who steps up in NXT to replace those leaving

Women’s Title Triple Threat Match
Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tatum Paxley

Lyra Valkyria goes right after Tatum Paxley to start this match before Valkyria gets sent to the outside by Roxanne Perez then looks scared by Paxley.

Everyone winds up on the floor with Valkyria taking over including a northern lights suplex for a two count on Paxley with Perez making the save.

With Valkyria out on the floor again Paxley knocks Perez down for a two count as we go to a break.

After the break Valkyria powerbombing both of them out of the corner to leave everyone down.

They chop it out from their knees until Valkyria grabs a fisherman’s buster for two on Paxley.

Perez crossfaces Valkyria’s and her bad arm but Paxley grabs the same thing on Perez for the save. Paxley sends Perez outside and grabs Paige Turner on Valkyria.

450 Splash connects but Perez runs in and rolls Paxley up for the win.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Roxanne Perez (12:04) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 7

We get various wrestlers and executives in WWE giving their predictions for the NXT Title match.

Thea Hail, Fallon Henley & Kelani Jordan were chatting backstage. Hail was happy to have Chase U’s money problems behind them and how she’s happy to have friends like Henley & Jordan. Jaida Parker showed up to talk trash, saying Henley is a loner. Henley shoved Parker as we get a pull apart ensued.

A intro vignette aired for Tyson Dupont & Tyrek Igwe & they’re making their NXT debut next week.

Creed Brothers & Ivy Nile were interviewed by Kelly Kincaid about why they’re in NXT for the nights. They all gave their thoughts on Ilja Dragunov vs. Trick Williams. They all had hopes that young Trick Williams would win. Ivy Nile led a Whoop Dat Trick song with all 3 of them.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Heritage Cup Champions No Quarter Catch Crew (Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp & Myles Borne) vs. The Family (Tony D’Angelo, Luca Crusifino & Stacks)

We get a brawl before the bell with Charlie Dempsey grabbing a triangle choke on Tony D’Angelo. That’s broken up with a powerbomb so it’s Damon Kemp coming in.

D’Angelo powers him into the corner for the tag to Stacks as the fast start continues.

Everything breaks down and almost everyone winds up on the floor allowing Kemp to hit a flip dive onto the pile as we take a break.

After the break Dempsey grabbing a chinlock on Stacks but he is right back up for a crossbody.

A German suplex/dropkick combination gets two on Dempsey but he’s right back with a fisherman’s suplex for two.

Dempsey grabs the half crab but Stacks fights up and enzuigiris his way to freedom.

D’Angelo comes ins and gets to slug away on Kemp followed by a spinebuster for two on Dempsey.

Kemp is up with an Angle Slam into a neckbreaker for two as everything breaks down.

D’Angelo plants Dempsey with a spinebuster for the win.

Winners: The Family (11:05)
Rate: 6

After the match Tony D’Angelo yells for Charlie Dempsey to pay up.

We get footage from yesterday of a photographer was interviewing Baron Corbin about what Bron Breaker is going to say once he gets called up. Corbin said he wasn’t sure. Lexis King showed up and gave Corbin a gift basket for leaving NXT. Corbin said people are only hoping he’s leaving. King then said he is proud to be Corbin’s next 2nd generation tag team partner. King left assuming they were a team now. Corbin calls King a toolbag and said that his beard is fake.

Fallon Henley vs. Jaida Parker

Jaida Parker sends Fallon Henley into the corner before Parker sits on her back and drives a knee into the ribs for two.

The waistlock goes on but Henley fights up with a running faceplant for two of her own.

Parker sends her throat first into the ropes though and hits a hip check for the win.

Winner: Jaida Parker (6:30)
Rate: 5

Jacy Jayne was cutting a promo next to Jasmyn Nyx. She was talking trash about Thea Hail talking about how Hail should be appreciative of the advice she gave her. Hail was stressing that Hail was ungrateful. Jayne hyped up her match with Hail next week.

A vignette aired to hype up the NXT Underground Match for next week.

Kelly Kincaid interviewed JD McDonagh about his NXT Title match prediction. McDonagh said he’s faced Ilja Dragunov more than anyone and the strategy to beat him is to injure him. He said he doesn’t think Trick Williams can do that so he thinks Ilja will win. After JD left New Catch Republic ran into the scene. Pete Dunne predicted Dragunov while Tyler Bate predicted Williams.

Ava was standing inside of a rope less ring that had a contract signing set setup. Developmental wrestlers were surrounding the ring to slap the mat. Ava did introductions and called this historic. Natalya & Karmen Petrovic made their entrance first. Natalya signed the contract first. Lola Vice then made her entrance. Vice signed the contract and the match was official. Natalya demanded to know who was in Vice’s corner.

Vice dodged the question and said that while she can shake her ass, she can also kick ass. Vice said she’ll break Natalya next week. Natalya said she can see Vice’s ego. Natalya said she respects that Vice fought in the Cage but Vice doesn’t respect that Natalya came from the Hart Family Dungeon. Natalya said if Lola can’t respect the past, she’s going to beat respect in Vice.

Natalya told Vice to bring everything she has because she’s going to tap Vice’s ass out. Vice said she has the fastest hands in the division and her corner woman will make those hands even faster. Shayna Baszler made her entrance & Baszler took a mic and said that Natalya’s chances went from slim to none. Shayna said the most dangerous fighter in NXT has aligned with the baddest woman in WWE.

Shayna said Natalya needs to tear up her contract to avoid this match. Baszler then shoved Petrovic. Petrovic knocked out Baszler with a spinning roundhouse before Natalya & Petrovic dumps Baszler & Vice to ringside to end the segment.

Ridge Holland was interviewed in the parking lot. He said he’s going to try to show people he can win the right way. Spears showed up and said it looks like Holland actually believes what he’s saying. Spears said that Holland needs to embrace it and in fact let it out. Holland said that’s not going to work and he’ll be seeing Spears later.

After the break a backstage promo aired with The Final Testament. Karrion Kross talks about being a former 2x NXT Champion. Kross said they are going to take everyone to the good ol days were Authors Of Pain & Kross were dominating everyone. Paul Ellering said The Final Testament are coming after all titles. Akam said they are bringing destruction back to NXT. Rezar said Axiom & Nathan Frazer need to prepare. Scarlett said and thus say the final testament.

NXT Tag Team Champions Axiom & Nathan Frazer were in the locker room watching the promo and said that The Final Testament can’t just do that. Malik Blade agreed. Good Brothers also said he’s tired of all these teams taking spots in NXT. Edris Enofe was about to speak up but then broke a mirror over Gallows’ shoe. Enofe decided to hold back his comments.

Beach Brawl Match
Sol Ruca vs. Blair Davenport

Sol Ruca ties her up with an inner tube so Blair Davenport bails out to the floor.

Davenport sends her into a picnic bench and a hard posting puts Ruca down again.

Ruca blocks a chair shot and hits an X Factor into a ball pit as we go to a break.

After the break Ruca hammering away with a boogie board and hitting a standing moonsault for a two count.

An exchange of superkicks lets Ruca hit a spinning powerbomb for two more.

Davenport’s German suplex gets the same and they go outside again.

This time Ruca’s cartwheel DDT is shoved over the barricade.

Allowing her to drive Davenport through a picnic table.

Back in and Ruca hits Sol Snatcher to put Davenport away.

Winner: Sol Ruca (10:29)
Rate: 7

Trick Williams was chatting with his mom as he had to go to the hospital. His mom said the doctor was saying she’s getting better. Williams said he’s going to fight hard tonight and he wants his mom to do the same. She said she will and she told Trick to Whoop Dat Trick. After Williams’ mom hung up Johnny Gargano showed up to chat with Williams.

Williams said the pressure is on more tonight due to him possibly leaving NXT if he loses. Gargano said there’s no diamonds without pressure. Gargano said he knows Williams lost to Ilja Dragunov but Williams has been through so much since that loss. Gargano said Williams needs to take that loss, that pain, all that betrayal and use it. Gargano said it’s not a burden but a weapon. Gargano said that makes Williams a new Trick & Dragunov hasn’t beaten that Williams.

Gargano said when he won the NXT Title it changed his life but he had to give every ounce of his life to do that. Gargano asked Williams if he’s willing to give that to slay the mad dragon and win the NXT Title. Williams stood up and said he’s ready. Gargano told Williams to go Whoop Dat Trick. Gargano & Williams dapped it up.

After the break A twitter video was shown of Meta 4 having car problems on their way to the show.

Baron Corbin vs. Lexis King

Baron Corbin goes with the power to start this match and runs Lexis King over with a shoulder before King comes back with a dropkick.

King hammers away but Corbin fights up with a clothesline.

A suplex cutter gives Corbin two so King grabs a roll up with feet on the ropes for the same.

The referee almost gets bumped and the distraction lets King get in a low blow then sets up The Coronation for the win.

Winner: Lexis King (5:38)
Rate: 4

A bunch of main roster stars come in to watch the main event.

A hype package aired to hype up the NXT Title match.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov about his final thoughts before his match. Dragunov said Williams has gained his respect but all he has in his life is his family and championship. He said he’s going to prove that he’s unbesiegbar. World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest showed up backstage and wished Dragunov luck. Ilja left. Priest then put his arm around Schreiber’s shoulder told her hey, how ya doin.

Byron Saxton interviewed Trick Williams with the same question. Williams said either he wins tonight or leave NXT for good. Be a champion or bust. Williams said he’ll prove himself right or wrong but either way he’s going to fight. He said he fears no man and like momma just say let’s whoop dat trick. Trick Williams made his entrance via a single take shot.

NXT Title vs. NXT Career Match
Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Trick Williams (NXT Career)

Ilja Dragunov wrestles Trick Williams to the mat with a waistlock.

Back up and they trade kicks to the face until Dragunov grabs a running DDT.

The Constantine Special gets two followed by a powerbomb.

Williams kicks him in the head from the mat and the slug out is on with Dragunov getting the better of things as we take a break.

After the break Dragunov hits a Coast 2 Coast for a two count but Williams plants him with a powerbomb. Williams hits H Bomb and Torpedo Moscow for two of his own.

Dragunov kicks him in the head and hits a Death Valley Driver into the corner before loading up the announcers’ table.

Williams fights back and Rock Bottoms him through the table.

Dragunov drops him again back inside though and the middle rope H Bomb gets two.

A German suplex hits Williams but he pops up with a running knee to the back of the head.

Both men go to separate corners & they run at each other where Williams nails Trick Shot to get the win.

Winner & New NXT Champion: Trick Williams (11:56) (NEW CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

After the match respect is shown and Williams gets to celebrate with the crowd to close out Night 1.

Spring Breakin Night 2 Card (April 30th)

NXT Underground Match
Natalya vs. Lola Vice

Thea Hail vs. Jacy Jayne

Tag Team Match
Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe vs. TBD

North American Title Match
Oba Femi (c) vs. Ivar

NXT Tag Team Titles Match
Nathan Frazer & Axiom (c) vs. Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar)