WWE Personality Says The Company Should “Quit Messing Around And Put The Title” On LA Knight

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE personality and Hall of Famer Booker T discussed the LA Knights’ current momentum ahead of the 2023 Money in the Bank PLE on his podcast.

He said, “Put the rocket on him. Quit messing around, put the title on him, you know what I am saying? That’s my thing, when you’ve got a guy like him, he’s rare, very rare. He’s organic, he’s figured it out on his own. When you’ve got guys like that you’ve just got to put them in the game. I watched that dude sit and get a little bit of nothing and go out there and sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper on it. It feels good, you know what I mean? You want to get behind him and the thing is, he hasn’t been the chosen one or anything like that. Another thing I say all the time, you’ve got to win by attrition.”

You can check out the podcast below: