WWE Producer Suggests That He Isn’t Done As An Active Professional Wrestler

WWE usually hires trainers and producers who have finished their in-ring careers. However, people are sometimes employed to work behind the scenes while still being able to compete in the ring.

Former WWE superstar Kenn Doane was hired in 2021 to work behind the scenes as a Performance Centre trainer and Producer. You may remember him as Kenny Dykstra when he was a member of The Spirit Squad. Doane was let go by the company in 2008 and returned in 2016 for a brief storyline on SmackDown with Dolph Ziggler. He’s been seen on occasion as one of the backstage people breaking up brawls since his comeback in 2021.

Doane is now 37 years old, and he noted on Twitter that he still has a lot of gas in the tank. Management will decide whether or not he will be able to wrestle again in WWE. Doane is a fantastic athlete who many recognised as having star potential during his first run. At 37 years old, he could still wrestle at a high level for several years.

Doane tweeted “Unfulfilled Potential” in October of last year.

You can check out the aforementioned tweets below: