Zachary Wentz Comments On His Return To IMPACT Wrestling

Former WWE Star and current IMPACT Wrestling Star Zachary Wentz spoke with Darren Paltrowitz on a number of topics such as his recent return to IMPACT Wrestling and how he had to keep his return to the company a secret.

“Honestly, not that long of a time (did I have to keep my return to IMPACT a secret). Everything was kind of very rushed. Maybe a month? Yeah, a month, yeah.”

Wentz also talked about how he wanted to be in a tag team when making his return to IMPACT Wrestling as well as how he did not want The Rascalz name to go away and ride off into the sunset just because all three members are no longer in IMPACT.

“Absolutely (I wanted to be back in a tag team). The Rascalz is my baby. It’s myself, Trey (Miguel), Myron (Reed), Dez or Wes (Lee), whatever you wanna call him. That’s our baby and that’s where we feel the most comfortable, you know? And it would be a shame to just let The Rascalz name float off into the breeze, you know?”

You can check out Zachary Wentz’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes)