Ace Steel Addresses CM Punk Returning To WWE, Comments On His Time In AEW

AEW re-hired coach/producer Ace Steel earlier in 2023. Steel was fired after his involvement in Punk’s 2022 altercation with The Elite, but he was apparently re-hired a short time later. Steel was then let go by the company after CM Punk was released earlier this year.

Steel reflected on his time in AEW and how it ended during an appearance on the Wrestling with Rip Rogers podcast.

He said, “Well, I worked with a lot of great people, some great, some not so much. Family still exists in this business, there are things none of us can say, and none of us will, you know, I think my wife’s the only one who could probably tell the story since she was there. Maybe someday. You don’t f*** with family. We came out just fine.”

“You might hear something; I’m sure it’s gonna be on f****** Dark Side of the Ring someday; I laughed at the time, going, ‘All this s***’s gonna be on Dark Side of the Ring someday,’ you know, someone’s going to want to know.”

Steel also spoke about Punk’s return to WWE, “I’m very proud of my number one student that I’ve ever coached in the world for heading back to show the world who the f*** he is… The reason people hate him or whatever is he’s not about the bulls***, and the guy doesn’t take s***, and he doesn’t take it lightly. And when you’ve had enough s***, you either explode, or you take care of business yourself, and you defend yourself.”

You can check out the complete interview below: