AEW Rampage Review – April 20, 2024

AEW Rampage Review – April 20, 2024

Kicking off this week’s Rampage with a backstage Jon Moxley promo. Moxley said that things just got more interesting as the IWGP World Heavyweight Title will be defended for the 1st time on Dynamite. He said that Don Callis must have one powerful cellphone but he wasn’t planning on losing the title and he likes it better when the stakes at their highest, the clock is ticking down to 0, there is no room for error and it is do or die. He added that if he gets struck by lightning in Jacksonville and Hobbs shocks the world, it will be quite the story.

Moxley said Don Callis would sit next to him on the plane back to Japan and at the press conference but wondered if Callis had been where he’d been. Moxley said he would be in the ring with him next week, not Don Callis. He said he always knew that Hobbs had something inside of him and that it’s not about championships, contracts and fancy cars. He added that if by next week, Hobbs hasn’t found that something inside of him he will find it and give him a gift. He said the gift will be a bitter pill to swallow and that in pro wrestling, anything can happen. He ended with a final piece of advice Don’t hesitate.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Lee Johnson vs. Isiah Kassidy vs. Komander

Komander, Isiah Kassidy & Lee Johnson exchanged moved while Rob Van Dam sat on the 2nd rope.

He eventually got involved and landed some kicks before being taken down by Kassidy.

Kassidy mocked RVD with the double thumb point but missed a Rolling Thunder.

Komander & Johnson were outside the ring before RVD hits a monkey flip and a Rolling Thunder for a near fall. Johnson emerged and threw RVD out of the ring.

He then back drops Komander over the top rope and dove onto him and Kassidy on the floor.

Back in the ring Johnson hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Kassidy for a near fall.

Johnson picks up Kassidy but Kassidy grabs at his eyes and rolls him up for the elimination as we go to a break.

After the break Kassidy was working over Komander before Komander back drops Kassidy out of the ring while RVD rolls in.

Komander hit a flying forearm on RVD on the corner followed up by a top rope moonsault onto Kassidy on the floor.

RVD’s powerbomb attempt on Komander on the floor was reversed into a hurricanrana.

Komander hits a Swanton Bomb on Kassidy for a near fall.

Komander tried to walk the ropes but Kassidy crotched him.

Kassidy appeared to offer RVD a joint. RVD turned his back for a second and was rolled up for a near fall. RVD knocked Kassidy down with a kick from the corner.

He went for the split legged moonsault but was pulled to the outside by Marq Quen.

Kassidy was still down in the ring & this allowed Komander to hit a top rope Swanton Bomb to eliminated Kassidy. RVD & Komander exchanged near falls.

Komander followed up with several additional near falls on Van Dam.

RVD attempted a superplex but Komander slipped out.

RVD kicked him to the mat and lands a leg drop then hits 5 Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Emi Sakura

Emi Sakura attacked Yuka Sakazaki at the bell then rolls her up for a near fall and follows up with a sit out powerbomb for another near fall.

Sakazaki retaliated and hits a clothesline on Sakura while Sakura was seated for a near fall.

Sakazaki applied the crossface but Sakura bites Sakazaki’s hand.

Sakazaki climbed to the top rope but Sakura pushed her to the floor.

Sakazaki got up limping so Sakura threw a Kenny Omega figure into the crowd and then danced with some empty cans of the Woo energy drink.

Sakazaki & Sakura then proceeded to jog around the ring.

Sakura raked the eyes and attacked Sakazaki on the floor.

Sakazaki hit a hurricanrana from the apron as the show went to a picture in picture break.

After the break and they ended up on the floor again before Sakura splashed Sakazaki against the ring steps.

Back in the ring Sakura hit a double underhook backbreaker for a near fall.

Sakura climbed the ropes and mocks Sakazaki so Sakazaki kicked her off the ropes and positioned her to sit on the 2nd rope.

She then flips her over in a German suplex for the win.

Winner: Yuka Sakazaki

Angelo Parker was in the ring. He said this last year was a roller coaster personally and professionally. He added that he lost a mentor (Chris Jericho) but gained the love of his life. He said that because of some of his actions, he’s lost that too and that going into last week’s match with Zak Knight it was must win. He said the only thing he had left was beating Zak Knight and he lost. He added that he went home and reflected and said that all he wanted to do was make his dad happy. He said his dad is no longer with us but he thinks he’s accomplished that over the years. But, after the last year, he realized he has nothing left to fight for and was about to announce his retirement when.

Ruby Soho came out. She said she can’t let Parker do this and that it breaks her heart to hear Parker say he has nothing to fight for. She said she’s out here to tell him that he has something very important to fight for. She then told Parker that she’s pregnant. She said she knows that they just started dating and that she disappeared but she didn’t know how to tell him. Parker stops her and kissed her on the lips and on the stomach. They embraced to end the segment.

Trios Match
Undisputed Kingdom (International Champion Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. Kyle O’Reilly, Rocky Romero & Matt Menard

Kyle O’Reilly starts out with Mike Bennett but asked for Roderick Strong to be tagged in.

Strong tags in and teased squaring off with O’Reilly but quickly tags out to Bennett.

O’Reilly held the early advantage and tags out to Matt Menard.

Menard worked on Bennett’s arm before Matt Taven tags in and was taken down with 2 arm drags.

Rocky Romero tags in and took Taven down with a hurricanrana before hitting Forever Clotheslines in the corner.

Undisputed Kingdom gained the advantage on Romero and worked on him through the final picture in picture break.

After the break Undisputed Kingdom held the advantage on Romero as O’Reilly had been knocked to the floor.

Romero fought back on both Taven & Bennett and made the hot tag to Menard & he cleaned house for a bit.

Menard went for a Boston Crab on Bennett which was broken up by Taven.

Undisputed Kingdom were back on the advantage over Menard.

Menard hot tags O’Reilly who squared off with Taven while fending off Strong & Bennett.

O Reilly locks Taven & Bennett in a triangle choke and ankle lock simultaneously.

Strong broke this up and tags in & they exchanged chops and kicks.

Strong hits a backbreaker then O’Reilly locks Strong in an arm bar as Strong taps but was not the legal man.

O’Reilly hits a rebound clothesline on Bennett and a brainbuster for a near fall.

O’Reilly locks in a armbar on Bennett for the submission win.

Winners By Submission: Kyle O’Reilly, Rocky Romero & Matt Menard

After the match O’Reilly told Strong to take lots of pictures with the International Title because in 24 hours he would rip his arm off & smack him with it & take the International Title.