AEW/ROH Wrestler Gets Full-Time Contract

Tony Khan has given several wrestlers opportunities in AEW since the promotion launched in 2019, but not everyone has a full-time contract.

Some wrestlers are paid on a per-appearance basis rather than on a weekly or bi-weekly basis like full-time talent. For one star, this has changed.

Diamante has been a staple on the AEW roster for quite some time, but she didn’t have the same contract as other veteran wrestlers, but that has finally changed.

Diamante began performing for the promotion three years ago, with her debut appearance on an episode of Dark in January 2020. Since April, she has been working on the ROH brand, where she has achieved some success.

Diamante’s contract has been upgraded from a “tier zero” arrangement to a full-time contract, according to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select. She was also recently added to the AEW’s official roster.

According to the report, she is on “a deal,” but not the “All Elite graphic level deal” that many other wrestlers were on.