AEW’s Ticket Sales Have Began To Rise

Fans have been talking a lot about AEW event ticket sales lately, as the promotion has been having trouble selling tickets for its shows.

Beginning in late 2023, the promotion expanded to cities in smaller markets as well as markets in which they had never performed. This reduced their ticket sales. However, the promotion has returned to larger markets.

Last week’s Dynamite: Big Business episode featured Mercedes Mone, drew over 9,000 fans to the TD Garden in Boston. WrestleTix reports that AEW has sold 5,684 tickets for Wednesday’s show in Toronto, ON, with 307 remaining.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that AEW has now had two weeks of consistent attendance after struggling to draw a few thousand fans for months.

“They may get 6000 people or more for the show. It probably won’t sell out, but it’s probably going to come close. So there should be two straight weeks for good houses, if nothing else. And this match should probably be the main one and should be the main event of the show,” Meltzer said.

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