Akira Comments On The MLW Middleweight Championship, Dream Matches, RSP, J Boujii

Before the start of MLW Fightland last Saturday night, Akira sat down and spoke to the press at a Media Scrum.

How do you and Rickey Shane Page plan on staying on the winning side going into your MLW Tag Team Title Match later?

Akira: This we thing hasn’t felt like we in a minute! It hasn’t felt like unity. Have you heard Rickey talking lately? Everything is me, me, me. We came into this thing all as equals, under the guidance of Raven, we’re equals.

He would go on to say that they are going to try their best to retain the gold and that he is going to try everything he can to make that happen.

Unfortunately, later on in the night, Akira and RSP did lose the MLW Tag Team Championships to 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice. After the match, RSP and Akira started arguing and fighting. Other members of The Calling helped RSP and ganged up on Akira.

What are your thoughts on losing the MLW Middleweight Championship to Rocky Romero and the recent support you have been receiving from the crowd?

Akira: I lost my title to Rocky Romero after he low-blowed me and dropped me on my head. That is not over, by the way. Somewhere, someday, I am going to stab Rocky Romero in the eye! He will need that patch for real!

When talking about the fans’ support during the Romero match and more recently, Akira responded, “What really got me through that match was hearing the support. I never wavered from who I am. I’m hard to nail, hard to kill, and I think they understood that. They keep me going. It felt great to feel appreciated because God knows I have not been very appreciated in a minute.” 

When you retain the Tag Team Championships later on, moving away from Second Gear Crew, who do you envision is next to challenge for those titles?

Akira: We’re going to beat them (speaking of SGC), and we’re going to grab those titles. Whoever’s next, I don’t know. We have numerous contenders. I think Mane Event earned a spot. They earned their time to shine. I think Mane Event.

With 2023 coming to a close, who is that one bucket list opponent you would like to face in 2024?

Akira: There’s a couple. There’s Josh Barnett and Bloodsport; how you doin! Minoru Suzuki, Fatu is another one. And I know he’s not in NOAH anymore, but one match that was supposed to happen this year with Katsuhiko Nakajima is going to happen in 2024.

You had some issues previously with J Boujii; will this be something you revisit in the future?

Akira: Why would I want to fight him? Why has he won? With Boujji, I don’t care! I’m a two-time champion already. J Boujii is doing his own thing, riding coattails. Well, if he climbs up the ranks, then maybe. But right now, I have other things to do. J Boujji is not on my list. If he jumps his way to the front of the line, he’s going to have a knife in his throat! I don’t play with that shit.

In his time in MLW so far Akira has been a MLW Middleweight and MLW Tag Team Champion. With receiving support from the fans and his recent babyface turn, it looks like the future is very bright for this young star!