Exclusive: Ariane Andrew Opens Up About Her WWE Release, Possibly Reuniting With Trinity, More

(Photo Credit: Ariane Andrew)

In an exclusive interview with PWMania.com’s Scott Mitchell (@Scott44Mitchell), former WWE star Cameron (Ariane Andrew @ArianeAndrew) sat down to discuss opening her promotion, Pound Town Wrestling, working with Trinity, a potential reunion, her time in WWE, and more.

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You can check out the complete interview below:

Pound Town Wrestling recently had its first show on October 12th. What was it like to form that promotion and how did it come about?

“Long story short, it was a small little idea that I had that became something way bigger than I expected. Pretty much the whole process of even wanting to do PTW was to bring something different to the independent circuit. A lot of times I feel like it’s very spot-driven, so we’re focusing more on storylines, and bringing in local talent from California who have not been seen and heard and allowing them to be seen and heard, and just doing some very different. When have you ever gone to a wrestling show at a club? So, it’s like bringing something like that into the world of Hollywood. The world of Hollywood is Hollywood, it’s not some big, huge area of wrestling fans. When you bring in wrestling, entertainment, and the club, it brings in something so different. So, no matter if you don’t watch wrestling, it will be something you want to come and watch. Just to see the crowd. The crowd was so lit, and to see how they interacted, and how all the talent played their parts, even if they didn’t watch wrestling, they knew who the heel was, and who the face was. That was just something that was an awesome experience.”

Something I found interesting was the party feel to the show. It didn’t feel like a basic independent wrestling show and instead felt more like a party. How did that idea come about?

“No matter what, I feel like in any sport you have more of a good time when it’s live. It was just again trying to bring in a different element. There’s never been anything like this, and I know they’ve started doing something like this in Japan, but not here in the States. It’s just opening up the crowd. I feel like sometimes the wrestling demographic is very different than the whole Hollywood world, so why not try to bring both worlds together? But make it just a completely different and unique experience. Just to hear a lot of the talent say every wrestling show should go like this, that’s when I know I’m on to something. Again, it’s different. People in Los Angeles love to party, so why not bring the best of both worlds? These independent shows charge about the same amount of money, I’m keeping something on the same level price-wise, but you’re getting so much more. I feel like that’s what brings people back. When people feel like we over-delivered, it’s awesome. People work hard for their money, and with anything I put my hands on, I want people to leave that experience being wowed and wanting to come back.”

At the first show, you went one-on-one with Sonny Kiss. What was it like to work with her and how was that match for you?

“Initially, I didn’t announce that I was wrestling. I wanted to keep it a surprise. When I reached out to Sonny, when I decided to get back into the ring I really could not think of anyone better. Respectfully, it’s one of those moments that I always wanted to wrestle Sonny, and now having my promotion, it’s the whole reason I’m essentially doing this. Because girl, you get to do what you want to do. You get to walk to the beat of your drum. Just working with Sonny was so awesome because a big thing that’s been missing is with you, you’re so capable of doing stuff like I see how you (Sonny) work in the ring, you’re so athletic. It’s just about having that comfortability with someone who you trust and telling yourself you got this. Just having her pushing me and telling me I got this, it was just an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Is there anyone coming up in the future you’d love to work with or see at PTW?

“It’s hard because when you think about that, there’s so many people signed and I think of certain people in WWE, but they can’t do it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I feel like Trinity, and I still have a moment when people want to see us do something together. I’d love to see how we can make some things happen for sure.”

I did want to talk a little bit about your time in WWE and your debut, working with Trinity (fka Naomi) as a funkadactyl. What was that whole time like for you?

“Back in FCW, I don’t know if people know this but we came up with a B.A.P.S. type of gimmick, like the movie B.A.P.S. It was very ratchet, and we just always kind of had this synergy together. She was already on the road and had made her debut, and everything fell together with Brodus, us, and dancing. Even though I was like wait, I’m going to be doing what? I only had three months of training if I was going to wrestle, I was going to dance, okay I was never a professional dancer, and then they told me I made ring announcer. At the time, no matter what was being thrown at me, I wasn’t ready. But in life, sink or swim. Having Trin as my partner in crime, her having the dance experience and just being such a phenomenal athlete, I felt comfortable. I’m older than her, but I always feel like she’s my bigger sister. Working with Trin was a great experience, and I felt so at ease when we made our debut, working with someone who is just a sweet, genuine, and amazing person.”

Trinity recently won the IMPACT Knockouts Championship, soon to be the TNA Knockouts Championship. What were your thoughts on seeing that happen?

“It’s so amazing. I’ve said this before, but timing is everything. It’s just so great to see her flourishing, rocking to the beat of her drum, and finally getting that opportunity I think everyone’s been waiting for. So, to see her doing that I’m so freaking proud of her. It feels like a very proud moment for me, just knowing her journey, and knowing how long it took. At the end of the day, timing is everything and sometimes we want things at the time we want them, but it’s not meant for us to have it yet. Now seeing her get her moment, this is the time.”

Are there any thoughts on a reunion between you two whether it be in a singles match or teaming up again?

“I definitely would love to see us team up again, but I’d love to see us go at it. Just because of our personalities and just the history that we have. So, you know, again timing is everything, so never say never. In a million years, I never thought I’d create PTW, and who would have ever thought she’d be over at IMPACT, you know?”

So, although you got released from WWE, it looks like it led to a lot of great things for you. What was your release like and your mindset looking ahead?

“It’s a catch-22 situation for the simple fact at the time I gave up my spot on the main roster. I just felt I wasn’t seasoned enough, and having three months of training was certainly not enough. I felt like as the division was growing, I wanted to be a force to be reckoned with. They told me if I did this there was an opportunity I would not come back. But I was willing to take that risk because for me it was worth it. I want to get better and prove to myself that I know I’m more than capable of being a star in this company. Ultimately, it did lead to my release, but it was a catch-22 because of not knowing what was going to happen next. I felt like I never really got to do what I felt like I was capable of in the company.”

So, looking ahead for you, what’s next? Do you have any plans or future goals or opponents you’d love to square off with?

“On top of wrestling, I always ventured out and did other things like music. By the way, that is out now, called Queen, that everyone can stream right now, which is my entrance music now at PTW. My fitness app, my award-winning short film, and just continuing with PTW. I plan to have another show in January, and I would love to bring in some titles, as well as maybe something very exciting happening with that, that people will have to stay tuned for. Things are moving in the right direction with that. Even though I have my other side things, I’m going to shift my focus to PTW and make it a force to be reckoned with.”

So, you did touch upon it a little bit there, but what made you want to get into making music?

“It’s crazy because I don’t consider myself a musician. I’m the type of person who if I am passionate about something, whether people like it or dislike it, or whether it succeeds or doesn’t, I’m going to do it. My biggest thing is I never want a dream to live in the cemetery. What I’d rather do is try something and maybe it doesn’t work out exactly how I think it will. It’s so funny what I noticed because on the internet people will have so much to say about someone. But, I respect anyone who has the balls to go out there and chase after something they want, no matter the outcome. For me, we’ll see if more music comes along. I just wanted something fresh, and it was just a perfect time, to make my music and make my in-ring return. The pay-per-view is out by the way, if people want to watch it, they can check it out on PoundTownWrestling.com. It was a great show, so support the talent. Also, I want to add that if you buy the pay-per-view, since I have not released my music video, people will get the exclusive music video as well with the purchase, and if you use the code PTWMANIA15 you will get 15% off worldwide. Just because the show already aired, it will be up forever, so go check it out.”

Do you have any final message for anyone who may be reading this interview?

“My message is my favorite quote which is don’t let a dream live at the cemetery. Also, when you’re focused, driven, and resilient, the sky truly has no limits. I think about how I had this small idea for PTW, at the time it felt impossible to wear so many hats, put out any fires, put on the show, and then try to train to get back into the ring, while also doing music and the whole nine, it just felt like how will this even be possible? It just goes to show that, yes there will be things in life that you want to achieve that will have their ups and downs and frustrations. Things may not always work out, for instance, the pay-per-view for PTW wasn’t working the day it was supposed to air, and you’ll go through trials and tribulations, but if you’re passionate about something and you love it, it’s all worth it in the end. If you have a dream, go after it, and be resilient. No matter the outcome, go out there and do it, you’ll be so proud of yourself.”

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