Backstage Update On Drew McIntyre’s WWE Status, Triple H Reacts To Online Rumors

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER retained the title over Matt Riddle at Saturday’s WWE Money In the Bank Premium Live Event. Drew McIntyre made his surprise return following the match, to a huge reaction, in what was his first appearance since the WrestleMania 39 Triple Threat with Sheamus and winner GUNTHER. McIntyre finished the segment with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt and a Claymore Kick, leaving GUNTHER on the ground. McIntyre then triumphed over GUNTHER. You can find photos and videos by clicking here.

In an update, PWInsider reports that will return to RAW as a regular starting this Monday. His feud with GUNTHER is set to continue.

WWE wanted McIntyre to return by Money In the Bank, but the return was uncertain because McIntyre wanted a strong storyline to return with. Over the last few days, the two parties reached an agreement.

In terms of McIntyre’s WWE contract, nothing has changed, and the two parties have yet to agree on a new deal or contract extension. McIntyre’s WWE deal is set to expire in early 2024. It was also reported that the two parties have yet to even begin contract negotiations, owing in part to the short time remaining before the deal expires.

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H was present at Saturday night’s post-show press conference and was asked if securing Drew was a priority. He stated that it is a priority, and then said that the amount of rumors surrounding McIntyre has been amusing. He went on to say that McIntyre took some time off after WrestleMania for a minor injury, but while he was out, they decided to get “something else” fixed, but he didn’t elaborate. Triple H then praised McIntyre’s talent and stated that he hopes McIntyre finishes his WWE career.