Backstage Update On Mercedes Mone And Expected AEW Debut

Although Mercedes Mone is expected to join AEW soon, fans have been waiting to find out when.

For quite some time, All Elite Wrestling and WWE have been competing for Mone. WWE was in talks with Mone about returning, but the talks fell through. WWE sources claimed they were the ones who walked away from the negotiations because they were financially far apart. Mone is expected to make her AEW debut shortly.

As previously reported, Mone’s arrival in AEW is imminent, though the exact date is unknown because she has yet to be medically cleared following surgery for a broken ankle last year.

According to Dave Meltzer’s latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, once Mone finishes her acting commitments, she will make her All Elite Wrestling debut.

Meltzer went on to say, “Mone hasn’t returned and even with all the AEW rumors (and there is expectation in AEW that she’ll be in after finishing up some acting commitments this month), nothing is for certain and some in WWE believe there is still a shot for her in the Royal Rumble.”