“Bayley Is Hot” Trends After A Fan’s Sign & Video Of It Goes Viral

While making her entrance to the ring for a match at a WWE Live Holiday Tour event at the PPL Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on December 2, 2023, “The Role Model” was doing her usual ripping of the fans’ signs when she came across one that read “BAYLEY IS HOT.” She took the sign from the kid and held it up as she walked to the ring with a smile before eventually ripping it up.

The video was posted by the fan and others, including Bayley herself, causing “Bayley Is Hot” to be trending on social media. Many fans have posted photos and videos of Bayley, along with #BayleyIsHot.

It appears everyone is having fun with it, including the fan and Bayley. Even WWE Superstar Natalia took to Twitter to post something about it, to which Bayley replied. The video and Twitter post links are below.