Bayley Shares Her Thoughts On Being Part Of Damage CTRL

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Bayley appeared on an episode of the “Under The Ring” podcast, where she talked about a number of topics including being part of Damage CTRL.

Bayley said, “I mean, I love it. I don’t just like it. I love it. I was actually thinking about this a few days ago that I was gonna make this big old sappy post about it, but I’ll just share it here. I just think it’s insane the group of women that I have in this group, in this faction. It started out with IYO and Dakota, obviously, and it’s two women that you didn’t get to see on the main shows. They’ve already shown that they can do it, especially IYO being the champion right now. I just thought about meeting Asuka for the first time. I met her back in Shimmer in 2010 or 2011. I saw her wrestle Sara Del Rey and I was like, Oh, my God. Who is this? I wasn’t keeping up with Japanese women’s wrestling at the time. To now have her by my side is incredible. She’s one of my favorite opponents. She’s just one of the most influential women, I think, in wrestling. Then Kairi is somebody that is untouchable and very unpredictable and so unique in her own way. To have her and be able to kind of watch her like a fly on the wall, see her do her thing, and see where she fits in with all of us has been, just, I feel so grateful.”

“For the longest time, you would only see one or two girls on the show, if that. We’d be lucky to get a women’s match. We’d be lucky to get more than five minutes on the show. Now the cool thing about having an all women’s faction is that we don’t all have to have a match. You saw IYO versus Michin, for example, the first show of the year, and we didn’t all have a match, but we were all there. We all appeared. So automatically you get five women on the show whereas you would just have two women otherwise. I think that’s more empowering and it’s more something for the NXT girls at least to look up to and it’s something that I have always dreamed about, to have an all women’s faction, you know, like a big one like this. I was happy with the three of us, but to have four or more was my ultimate goal. So this has been just a dream come true.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.