Becky Lynch Talks About Her Love Of Acting, Aspirations Of Hollywood Career

Becky Lynch likes the idea of making the transition from WWE to Hollywood.

“The Man” spoke about her love of acting during a recent appearance on the Casual Podcast with Brad Tate, confirming that it is something she would like to pursue when her in-ring career wraps up.

“I suppose, writing books and performance is something that I’ve always loved,” she said. “I’ve studied it, I’ve got my degree in acting. I don’t know if you saw a little role that I played as Cyndi Lauper, but acting is something that I’ve loved for a long time and it’s something I’ve studied and got my degree in.”

Lynch continued, “That is something I’d like to pursue. Also, writing is very much something that I love and there could be something there, too. Only time will tell.”

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