Belief In WWE That Triple H Was Unaware Of Will Ospreay’s Promo Ability

After Will Ospreay’s AEW debut, many people—including WWE employees—think Triple H should have signed him.

Several promotions, including WWE, AEW, and TNA, expressed interest in the top star’s services. He decided to sign with AEW. He officially started working full-time at AEW Revolution in November, as announced at Full Gear.

In his debut match, he defeated Kyle Fletcher and will now face Bryan Danielson at Dynasty next month.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer recapped Ospreay’s promo on Wednesday’s Dynamite, noting that he had heard from people who believed Triple H did not consider Ospreay a promo guy, but rather a really good wrestler. Ospreay has previously been criticized for frequently cursing in his promos.

Meltzer stated, “He started just a couple of weeks ago, ten days ago, actually, right? 11 days ago, whatever it is, ten days ago. And he’s like getting this kind of reaction. And yeah, I know people in WWE when this was going down, it was becoming very clear that he was going to AEW and not WWE. They [WWE] offered a lot less money. And I know people that were going like ‘He [Triple H]didn’t realize, they [WWE] didn’t realize. They knew, but he just didn’t realize. He just thought he’s just one of these great workers,’ but this guy has a chance to be, we’ll see. As far as the complete package. There’s very few people, you know, as far as the complete total package.”

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