Beyond Wrestling Kick Results – February 25, 2024

Beyond Wrestling Kick Results – February 25, 2024

* Love Doctors (Love, Doug & Landon Hale) defeat The Bakabella Family (Channing Thomas & Ted Goodz)

Love, Doug hits a Lariat to Goodz to pick up the pinfall for his team.

Love, Doug gets to choose the stipulation for winning the match! Love, Doug vs. Bakabella and Teddy Goodz, March 8th!

* Gabby Forza defeats Little Mean Kathleen

Forza hits a spear on Little Mean Kathleen to get the win in a dominant performance.

* Brad Hollister defeats Aaron Rourke

Wrestling Open Champion Brad Hollister defeats Rourke with the Tornado Jack Hammer Suplex.

* Janai Kai defeats Brittine Brooks

Janai Kai defeated Brooks with a Huge Kick as Brooks came off the top rope to score the pinfall in a dominant victory.

* Six-Man Tag Match: TJ Crawford & Brick City Boyz (Julio Cruz & Victor Chase) defeat Matt Quay & Post Game (Mike Waller & Vinny Talotta)

Big Business with a Triple Power Bomb on Matt Quay. TJ Crawford wins the match for his team, using his feet on the ropes for leverage, pinning Quay.

* Allie Katch defeats Zayda Steel

Katch defeats Steel with a big Pile Driver to pick up the win.

* No Disqualication Match: Richard Holliday defeats Marcus Mathers

Richard Holliday defeats Mathers using a series of three Low Blows and the 2008 to win.

* Alec Price defeats VSK (W/Mark Sterling)

Megan Bayne was supposed to be Price’s opponent but had to pull out of the match due to illness.

Price defeated VSK via pinfall.

* IWTV Tag Team Championship Handicap Match: Miracle Generation (Dustin Waller & Kylon King) (c) defeat Jaylen Brandyn of Waves & Curls

Traevon Jordan of Waves & Curls was not medically cleared to wrestle tonight, causing the match to become a handicap match.

Miracle Generation defeats Jaylen Brandyn in a mauling to retain their championships.

After the match, Mace and Mansoor came on the screen saying they wanted an IWTV Tag Team Championship match and issued a challenge to The Miracle Generation.

* IWTV World Championship Match: Krule (c) defeats Tyree Taylor (W/Ichiban)

Tyree Taylor answered Krule’s Open Challenge when his original opponent, Tracy Williams, could not compete.

Krule defeats Tyree Taylor with a referree stoppage due to a Sleeper Hold in an incredibly hard-fought match.

After the match, Krule was not done with Taylor and brought lighter fluid to the ring. Ichiban made the save and sent Krule retreating.

* Dezmond Cole defeats Lio Rush

Dezmond Cole defeated Lio Rush with the second of two Swanton Bombs to pick up the victory in an action-packed main event!