Bobby Lashley Issues Warning To The Rock Ahead Of WWE Royal Rumble

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Bobby Lashley recently appeared as a guest on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Lashley commented on CM Punk returning to WWE:

“I always make my opinion on someone based on my interaction with them and ever since I’ve known CM Punk, every time I’ve talked to him, I’ve always had positive conversation, everything like that, nothing negative.”

If he thinks The Rock will be part of the Royal Rumble and his reaction when he heard he returned to wrestling:

“That was incredible. I mean, it’s The Rock, probably one of the biggest names in everything right now. So when he comes back, that always brings a tremendous amount of views, and you know what? Anybody who wants to take a step to that next level, take him out. If he comes in and I have an opportunity to throw him out, I will throw him out. Anything that he has, you have the ability to take from him if you take him out. So I mean, it’s not going to be a cakewalk for him.”

If he feels Reigns will lose the title at Royal Rumble

“If he does retain it, he’s beaten one person, he’s beaten two people, now he’s beaten three people. Roman is on top of the world right now and rightfully should be. He’s done big things for the company for a long time and he’s proven his dominance. This is his next biggest challenge. If he beats three people, that’s another notch for his belt. One thing he hasn’t done with this title reign (he points to himself).”

You can check out the interview below:

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