Bull Nakano Says Giulia Should Go To WWE: “They’ll Use Her In A Good Way”

Should Giulia make the move to WWE?

A soon-to-be WWE Hall of Fame legend thinks so.

Japanese women’s wrestling legend and 2024 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Bull Nakano recently spoke with Tokyo Sports for an interview, during which she was asked about the rumors of STARDOM standout Giulia signing with WWE when her deal with STARDOM wraps up.

“[She] should definitely go,” Nakano said. “The world will definitely expand.”

She continued, “I think it will broaden [her] horizons as a wrestler if you see that there are different types of pro wrestling. If WWE wants to see [her] active in Japan, I think they’ll use [her] in a good way.”

Check out the complete interview at Tokyo-Sports.co.jp.