Chris Jericho Compares Himself To The Rolling Stones

Top AEW star and FTW Champion Chris Jericho recently spoke with TMZ Sports on a number of topics including his current AEW run.

Jericho said, “If I didn’t think I could still compete at the highest of levels, it wouldn’t matter if I’m 53, 33, 73, I wouldn’t do it. But for me right now I’m excited about AEW.”

On comparing himself to the Rolling Stones:

“Mick is 80, and you look at this guy and he lives in a different planet. I think it’s because he’s been doing it since he was a teenager. I think that’s the same with me. I don’t see myself as 53, I don’t feel 53, I don’t work like I’m 53, I just do what I do and I think it’s more instinct at this point in time.”

You can check out Jericho’s comments in the video below.