Chris Jericho Gives Praise To Multiple AEW Stars

Chris Jericho thinks AEW is in good hands.

The pro wrestling legend spoke on Busted Open Radio this week about MJF, Sammy Guevara, Orange Cassidy, Jack Perry, Darby Allin, Daniel Garcia and others in AEW that he is proud of.

“Very proud (of MJF). Very, very proud,” he began. “Our story went a year, because I think it was like 366 days from our first meeting. I remember Tony Schiavone, we did a split screen, we both said, ‘What an idiot’ at the same time, to the last time we did whatever we did, and that was the idea. That’s the idea of anything I’ve done in AEW. It’s not about me anymore. I’m not the future of AEW. A guy like Max is and still is not even half as good as he’s gonna be three or four years from now. I just tried to teach him a few things but, he’s a natural, right?”

He continued, “But to work with him or to work with Sammy (Guevara), Dani Garcia, Orange Cassidy, the stuff I’ve done with Darby Allin, working with Mox when he first came in. Mox was not the Mox he is now when he first came to AEW. Neither was Cody (Rhodes) when we did our first feud. He was not the same guy. So just being with those guys and learning together and working together has just been a blast and I say this to Matt Hardy or Christian: There’s no need for Jericho and Christian to have a match or Jericho and Matt. We’ve seen that match a thousand times. To me, that would almost feel like early 2000s TNA. I don’t wanna do that. Put Matt with Isiah Kassidy and put Christian with Jack Perry and put Jericho with Sammy Guevera or Will Ospreay… You both benefit each other. They get the rub from working with an experienced guy, you get the rub from working with a younger guy and it’s still contemporary. All these matches are fresh matches and that’s what it’s all about. I really enjoyed working with Ricky Starks here and I’m trying to think of all the guys I’ve been with; Eddie Kingston. Man, we had a great feud. I love Eddie. I never even knew who the hell Eddie Kingston was. I never heard of him. I thought when they first brought him in that he was Eddie Edwards. I didn’t know Eddie Kingston. ‘Who is that?’ The guy’s f*cking great. What a great talent that never had a chance and now he’s really starting to blossom into what he’s gonna be so, I’m very proud of all those guys, to see their development.”

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