Chris Jericho Reveals Why He Apologized To Mark Henry After His AEW Debut

Do you remember the AEW debut of “The World’s Strongest Man?”

Chris Jericho does.

“The Ocho” reflected on the All Elite Wrestling debut of WWE Hall of Fame legend Mark Henry during a recent appearance on the “AEW-Some” podcast when reflecting on the AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 pay-per-view from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

“That was the debut of Mark Henry that night,” Jericho recalled. “He came out and literally had 30 seconds. As a pro, he was mad, but as a vet, he knew that’s what he had to do to save that time.”

Jericho continued, “Kudos to Mark. I remember apologizing to him, ‘this is not how things work here. We apologize that you had to make the sacrifice.’ He got a longer segment on Dynamite, so it all worked out.”

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