Chris Jericho Says He Played A Role In Boosting MJF To Main Event Status

No one is on “the level of ‘The Devil,'” but ‘The Devil’ has a ‘Demo God’ to thank for helping him reach said-level.

Chris Jericho recently spoke during an “AEW-Some” podcast interview about how he had a hand in elevating Maxwell Jacob Friedman into a main event star during their year-long program in All Elite Wrestling.

“This MJF and Jericho feud was 366 days, it went a year and a day,” Jericho recalled. “It was a really cool story because we had Max and I becoming friends and then Max wanting to join the Inner Circle, and then him getting into the Inner Circle when he beat me in a match — and then he basically assembled his own faction.”

He continued, “The idea [behind the rivalry] was to turn MJF into a bigger star, and now he’s the world champion — it worked. He’s running the show, so I guess it worked.”

Check out the complete interview at H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.