Cody Rhodes Addresses Sex Trafficking Allegations Against Vince McMahon

(Photo Credit: WWE)

During the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble post-show press conference, Cody Rhodes responded to the sex trafficking allegations against McMahon.

Rhodes said, “I know as far as the news is concerned, we were finding out and reading the same things you guys were reading. You said a dark cloud, certainly.

“As far TKO, Nick Khan, and the board, clearly took it very seriously, acted immediately, and looking at the future, I don’t know the answer to that and I think somewhere is a really probably basic tenant of this crew, more than ever, from a roster standpoint, is very family. Never seen anything like this. Most of the time, wrestling locker rooms are fighting, talking trash about each other, making fun of each other, sandbagging each other in the ring and all that nonsense. This crew is very team-based. Perhaps that’s the ingredient, everyone looking out for everyone, being accountable.

“For me as a performer, I’ve been through dark periods on our industry. It might sound cheesy, but it’s very reinforcing if you’re in my position, that it’s a time when, ‘Hey, we have 50,000 people out here, I want to give them something else from this weekend that isn’t a terrible situation, terrible news.’ I think we were able to do that. Obviously, as more news comes out, we’ll be seeing it like you do.”