Cody Rhodes Addresses The Rock Potentially Interrupting His Story At WWE WrestleMania 40

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Cody Rhodes recently spoke with for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. Below are highlights:

His potential Wrestlemania 40 opponent:

“I’m winning the Royal Rumble, and then I think we’re supposed to wait and say, ‘Hey, this is who I want to challenge,’ but if anyone’s been watching the story, then they know exactly who I want to challenge and when I want to challenge them, and right the wrong that happened at Wrestlemania 39.

The Rock potentially interrupting his story:

“You mentioned ‘The Great One’ The Rock, nothing but respect for him. I went and saw ‘Jungle Cruise,’ I’m a Rock fan. I don’t think he’s the type that would come in and meddle with a story that’s been being told over the past two years. I think he’s probably up to something else, but you never know with WWE. I’ll be watching just like everybody else when I’m not wrestling.”

CM Punk:

“As far as CM Punk, that’s one of the things that makes … the Royal Rumble itself so special is CM Punk also feels very strongly and deeply and passionately that he is gonna win the Royal Rumble. I don’t know if in the past there’s ever been this amount of top talent: Jey Uso, Drew [McIntyre], Sami Zayn, this amount of top stars who are vying for it and have a true opportunity.”