Corey Graves Shares Pre-WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth Statement

Corey Graves is excited for this weekend.

Ahead of the WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth premium live event at Optus Stadium in Western Australia, the WWE commentator surfaced on social media with a statement.

He wrote the following:

When I can’t sleep, I write. I am writing this 13 hours in the future from the rest of my life…

We are mothers and fathers. Husbands and wives. Superheroes and rockstars. Athletes and lost souls. Longing for home, yet already there. Bound by a singular passion. A passion that uniquely differs for all who possess it. Different motivations. Different experiences. A transient family. The circus, really.

The passion is tangible. The most remote city on earth, alive with excitement. Weary travelers, putting on their best faces for a common good.

It’s not perfect. It never will be. It is the island of athletically gifted, misfit toys. Gathered together for a different type of mass.

In a few hours, reality returns. Bills, business, diapers. Missed weddings. Forgotten birthdays.

But for those 3 hours. Oh man, those 3 hours.

Tens of thousands of rabid souls. Fans and performers, spilling their guts for one another. A communal catharsis.

For 3 hours, magic is real.


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