Details On This Year’s Owen Hart Foundation Memorial Tournament

The 2024 Owen Hart Foundation Memorial is about to get underway soon.

The Calgary Sun released an article on Thursday confirming dates for this year’s annual AEW tournament honoring the legacy of the late pro wrestling legend.

Although AEW has yet to officially announce anything, the aforementioned article revealed that the finals of the tournament will take place on July 10 in Calgary, and that Dr. Martha Hart will once again be on-hand live to honor the winners of the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Martha said she trusts AEW “to highlight, promote, and honour Owen’s wrestling legacy,” she says. “We are now working together to ensure that legacy continues.”

Chris Jericho said about working with Martha, “We’ve worked with Martha, to have him shown in a positive, respectful light, as an influential talent. It’s great for Owen’s legacy and for the foundation, and that’s what Martha always cared about. Through the foundation, she was able to take this horrible tragedy and turn it into a huge positive. We wanted to build on that.”