DJ Reveals What He Saw Backstage During The CM Punk-Jack Perry Incident At AEW All In

(Photo Credit: AEW)

DJ Whoo Kid was backstage at AEW All In: London, and he claims he witnessed the incident between CM Punk and Jack Perry. He attended the show to perform during Swerve Strickland’s entrance, and the incident was discussed on Sirius XM’s “Jim and Sam” show.

“It was like the moment for AEW and I guess he tried to sabotage that moment. He wasn’t trying to go out there. I’m in the middle. You know me, I’m the fly on the wall.” He continued, “It was very intense. I always thought it was fake and sh*t. It’s more real…the sh*t that’s crazy is there was a yelling moment where he was like “yo, fuck this sh*t this is our moment, everybody get the fuck out there and do your sh*t. It was very intense. I always respect wrestling after I saw that.”

DJ Whoo Kid was asked who said the “this is our moment” line, and he said it was the “Hawaiian looking” guy, not CM Punk.

He added, “It was a guy that was going ham and I was just like ‘oh shit’ and blood was everywhere from the fight before that. They came in and they were bleeding. I was like yo, what is going on around here?” Note: “The fight before that” refers to the match between Jack Perry and Hook.

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