Ethan Page Reflects At Length On AEW Collision Match Against MJF

“All Ego” Ethan Page has released the latest installment of his backstage video blog series on his official YouTube channel.

During the latest installment, the AEW performer spoke about his Collision match against MJF in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On his world title loss against MJF on AEW Collision: “I lost. The worst thing is that everyone is gonna say to me, ‘You almost touched the top. You were just this close. Everybody you love was there to see you win, but you came short. I did not come up short tonight. The record will show that Ethan Page lost to MJF for the AEW World Title in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, but I did not come up short. When I walked out, I knew I was fighting for myself. I was fighting for every single that made sure I’d be in this position in the first place. Every single person from Hamilton, from the whole freaking country, my family was sitting in the front row and saw me almost reach greatness. But you know what they also saw? They saw the referee ask me if I wanted to give up multiple times, and every single time, I said no. MJF had every opportunity to make me tap, make me quit, but I refuse to give up. If I didn’t show you, if I didn’t show the locker room, if I didn’t show my people in Hamilton that I have what it takes to be a champion, sure, then I came up short. Tell me I came up short now. I gave everything I had. You know what, it breaks my heart to know that my family sat in the front row and saw me lose. But on the way to the back, I stopped to talk to my daughter in the front row. I told her that daddy was okay, this was not my last match, and I promised her that I would win gold in AEW. I don’t plan on breaking that fucking promise.”

On how despite the loss he did accomplish a few dreams he had: “My biggest takeaway from everything was I got to accomplish a couple dreams. I guess that’s the first time anyone from Hamilton has wrestled in the First Ontario Centre for a major world heavyweight championship title. I’m very proud. Most proud, though, that my father was sitting in the front row and I got to do that little speech on MJF, which was really from the heart. That’s why I was so passionate. I was yelling in this man’s face. It was cool to feel the love of my hometown and to wrestle for the world title on Canada Day, and for them to be so supportive. I actually thought I was gonna win the damn title. I believe I can, I believe I still have the opportunity to win a belt. That’s my goal. I made the promise to Gabby, so that’s the goal, is to become a champion.”

On how much he appreciates the great wrestling fans from Hamilton: “It was a great reminder to go to Hamilton and see where I came from and see all the familiar faces and realize that I’ve achieved so much since starting in wrestling, and to be proud of that I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come. We’re climbing, guys. This is the tortoise and the hare. Ethan Page is clearly the tortoise, but I don’t plan on giving up, not even for a second. So thank you to everybody who’s supported me. For real, it means the world. Let’s see what happens next.”

Check out the complete video below via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.