Former WCW Star Recalls Nearly Dying From A Heart Attack After A Wrestling Match

Former WCW star Lodi (Bradley Cain) spoke with about how he nearly died from a heart attack after a wrestling match.

Here are the highlights:

Driving to the hospital amid the heart attack: “I’m [thinking at the time] like, ‘God, just don’t let me hurt anyone because we all know how Macho Man Randy Savage died.’… I was doubled over and driving one hand and trying to keep my eyes on the road.”

Learning it was a heart attack: “They showed the three major arteries. The first two were blocked at 100%. The last one, they call it the Widow Maker. If that gets blocked, you are more than likely going to die. It was blocked at 90%… “It was serious. And it was scary.”

His wrestling future: “Without me even questioning her, my nurse looked at me and said, you know you’re going to wrestle again… I know God was with me through all of this. I’m going to rehab and work on getting me better.”

You can check out the interview below: