Former WWE Personality Addesses Tony Khan’s Comments About Jinder Mahal

As previously reported, AEW President Tony Khan addressed Jinder Mahal’s World Title match on WWE RAW, mentioning that Mahal hasn’t won a televised match in a year.

Former WWE personality and announcer Jonathan Coachman responded to Khan via Twitter and X:

“We also used to get amused at fans who counted wins like wrestlers ‘earned’ them. Hell if Vince wanted I could have been world champion. But the storyline didn’t support it. It’s about the story clearly not wins in a predetermined space. Thought a boss would understand that. ??‍♂️”

Coachaman provided additional comments in response to fans:

“Vince always taught us the audience dictates the matches and who wins. We always had babyfaces win the main event at house shows. Once I became a heel I would ring announce. Allows different endings and sometimes heels would win and the babyfaces would beat me up and everyone goes home happy. The audience determines everything in the wrestling business. Wins and losses are in material.”

“Think like this. Last week Triple H advertised former wwe champion at Raw1. Jinder came out people booed. Then the Rock. The pop was huge. Bigger than if it was just the rock. We did same type of segment with me, Eugene, and Rock and San Diego. So before people lose it over a match with Jinder let your creative minds wonder of what could come OUT OF IT. That’s why there is a writing team. When it hits it’s gold.”