GCW Backyard 5 Results – July 4, 2023

GCW Backyard 5 Results – July 4, 2023

Triple Threat Match
The Chad defeated Ace Wired & Drake Braylor (12:35)

Father vs. Son Loser Leaves The Yard Match
Darc Angel defeated Marc Angel (13:03)

Pizza Cat Jr defeated Charlie Cactus (5:11)

Fatal 6 Way Match
Mayday Jack defeated Big Vin, Da Shawn, Lucky, Matt Awesome & Vampyro (11:48)

2 Out Of 3 Ultraviolent Doors Death Match
Emanon defeated Aerial Crow (8:03)

10 Person Tag Team Match
Alec Smith, Bergie The Mobster, Claude Marrow Jr, Haystack Steve & Lance Scaper defeated GCW Tag Team Champion Jordan Oliver, Tara Zep, Charlie Tiger, Cambodian Dragon & BKT Killer (18:01)

JJ Allin defeated Tarzan Duran (13:49)

Non Title Hair vs. Hair Match
Extreme Champion Joey Janela defeated The Dilf (31:39)