GUNTHER Says He’s Not A “Typical WWE Guy,” Addresses If He’ll Be At Bash In Berlin

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Intercontinental champion Gunther spoke with Here are the highlights:

If he’ll appear at the 2024 Bash in Berlin PLE: “I’m applying for my green card. During that process, you can’t leave the country for a little bit. But the PLE is in August. It should be over by then.”

His upcoming match against The Miz at Survivor Series: “I’m not a typical WWE guy. I established and developed myself far away from WWE. Miz is different. He went through the WWE system, and he’s living proof of how effective the system is. He’s one of the most decorated wrestlers they’ve ever had. So it will be a clash of styles.”

His physical transformation: “If I stay stagnant, I’ll fall behind. I always want to be one step ahead. No one ever told me to lose weight. I wanted to transform into something new.”