HollyHood Haley J Talks Wanting To Sign With WWE And To Wrestle Charlotte Flair

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Indie star HollyHood Haley J recently spoke with WrestlingNews.co’s Steve Fall at the New England Fan Fest on a number of topics including what she is doing these days.

Haley J said, “I’m doing a lot more of these conventions. We’re at New England Fan Fest right now. It’s popping and I had a WWE tryout but I didn’t get to go because I wasn’t cleared medically.”

What is next for her:

“I am still not cleared. I’m on a doctor hunt. And then after that hopefully WWE is still interested in me. But as far as right now, I got UK coming up at the end of February. I’ll be in the UK and then I’m also thinking about going to Japan as well. So you never know.”

Signing with WWE has always being a goal of hers:

“Well, WWE is always the goal. And if not, maybe AEW will come, you know. But WWE is definitely the goal.”

Wanting to wrestle Charlotte Flair:

“Charlotte Flair. I know she’s hurt right now and so she’s taking her time. I’m taking my time and then boom, I’ll see you soon honey.”

You can check out Haley J’s comments in the video below.